perfect minutes

I really love how a song can make you happy. When you don't know what you feel, whether you are happy or sad, did something good or bad, want to laugh or cry - you just turn your favorite song on and all the uncertainty fades away. But then, after the four perfect minutes, when the song ends, you get the answer to what you were wondering about before you turned the song on. You are sad, not happy. You did something bad, not good. And you want to cry, so.. that's what you're doing.

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06.09.2012 kl.17:05

Nydelige bilder!

06.09.2012 kl.17:27

hrligt! og skikkelig insp bilder alts :)


06.09.2012 kl.17:41

S herlige bilder :D


06.09.2012 kl.18:25

fine bilder! :)


06.09.2012 kl.19:11

Utrolig brae bilder! Kjempenydelig header:)

sv; Takk :D

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